I am not one for many words, so as Jimmy Buffett wrote – “I am sorry it’s ended, its sad but its true, it’s been a lovely cruise.. these moments we are left with, may you always remember, these moments are shared by a few…….” I would try to sing it, but that would not be pretty!

Our bags are packed, and we have a 0730 flight tomorrow leaving Grenada for home. What an amazing trip!

More late, but here are a few random stats and pics from our adventure.

  • 170 – Days living on the boat
  • 2,000 – Nautical miles sailed
  • 4 fish caught (but they served at least 20 meals!)
  • 38 – Islands visited
  •  1 – Day we didn’t swim in the ocean at least three times
  • 35 Rabies Shots
  • ?? – Bats on board… so dark, so much guano, guessing about 12???
  • 4 – Green Flashes
  • 1 – Grenada Hash – Wish we did more, check them out!! Grenada Hash House Harriers
  • 0 – Snow days!!!
  • Countless new friends and memories!