On January seventh we sailed to Les Saints from Guadalope. And guess what was there. A Gunboat named Tribe! If your not a sailor then you might not know what a Gunboat is. A Gunboat is a really big, sleek, fast, beautiful boat. Tribe is a catamaran (a boat with 2 hulls.) And it is awesome. One of my parents friends Forest Williams races on that boat. My dad texted him a picture of the boat.Forest texted him back. He told us the captain and wife’s name so we could say hello to them. And we did.

Their names are Ana and Spike. They are really nice people so if you ever see them make sure you say hello. Tribe has been to Martha’s Vineyard so you don’t have to come down here to see her. When we stopped over there we had a 20 minute conversation. They invited us for a sunset cocktail( we call it sundowners.) The next day we went over to their boat for a sundowner. They gave us a tour of their boat. It turns out that the owners have kids so there are bunkbeds, video games, and a bunch of kids stuff. They also have a playstation 4 on board!

That night they showed us all their cool stuff like extra springy trampolines and bean bag chairs. We spent a hour there just talking about boat stuff and other things. At the end of the night they surprised us by inviting us to swim off their boat tommorow. I was also surprised that I didn’t go into shock.

The next day had the longest 5 hours of my life. We woke up at 8:00 AM. It was still too early to go to tribe:( 9:00; we went to the bakery for breakfast. Even with our chocolate croissants me and peter couldn’t sit still. 10:00; we headed back to the boat for some school and boat work. 11-12:00; Did school then got ready to go to tribe. 1:00; We were in the water swimming to Tribe before you could say “Hello my name is Joe.”
I can’t explain how much fun it was jumping of tribe. Each hull was like 10 feet tall!!! Me and peter even figured out how to climb up the front of the boat. Later after 2 hours of jumping I managed to pull off a flip. The funny part was that I didn’t have to tuck to get my speed. If I did tuck I could maybe do 2 flips. But thats if I got lucky. But I didn’t try it.

The next day we did the same thing. We also got an awesome picture of me and peter jumping off the back of the boat. Here is some videos and pictures of jumping off tribe. I also want to give a shoutout to Forest Williams. None of this would happen without you. Say hi to Caroline and Teddy for me and peter. Also a GIANT shoutout to Ana and spike. They are now in Antigua celebrating Greg’s (the owner) birthday. We wish Greg a happy birthday and Ana and Spike a happy marrige (they are engaged!!!!!) Over and out!

Now to my first video – created and edited by me!