We went zip lining in the rain forest of Antigua. Not the zip lining you do in someone’s backyard. This is the serious stuff!

We went zip ining at the Antiga Rainforest zipline park. That place was really cool. Stray dogs and cats were everywhere. At the front desk where you check in a cat keeps walking by you. If you don’t pet it,  the cat rubs its face against yours. We had to wait awhile since we arrived at 8:40 and the place opens at 9:00. Sadlly a large group came in which means ALOT of waiting. We signed up for the challenge course. Now that sounded fun. After everyone was ready we headed to this little hut to be geared up.
For our safety we had harness, ropes everywhere, helmets, and big giant gloves. Also the guy gave us this metal thingy. He said it was for the challenge course. Part of the tour was a treetop hike (a.k.a climbing stairs with 50 pound harness.) When we got to the top of the stairwell you could see the first zip line. It looked awesome…
The first zip line was only a practice one but I couldn’t help feeling so excited. It was my first zip line ever! We were at the end of the line so we waited and waited… Until finally it was our turn. I decided to go first because I was desperate to go. Here is a little thing I wrote about how it felt:

wind ripped at my hair,
clawing at my clothes,
no fear for me as I fly through the air,
200 feet of flying I go,

I come in hot but the break stops me,
I stand up on the platform with wobbly legs,
I turn to watch my family,
Hopefully none of them will lose their eggs!
After that zip line 9 more await us. In the zip line course there is zipline called the screamer (my mom screamed on that one.) Its a zipline that is 328 feet long and over 300 feet above the ground. That was my favorite one. Also there was a zipline that you had to jump off a ledge to go on (my mom also screamed on that one.) At the end of the zipline there was this things called the leap of faith. It wasn’t a zipline. It was a vertical drop from 32 feet.(my mom also screamed on that one.) After that there was one more zipline then there came the challenge course.
The adventure course was made out of 5 obstacles. The first one was called the duck walk. You walk on this line with another line for balance. The other ones were pretty easy. Except the 3rd one. You had to walk on boards with only your rope attached to the wire to steady you.
After the challenge course you had to walk 500 steps back to the place where you check in. Wearing our 50 pound harness would made our way up the steep steps. That was tiring.
After retrieving our stuff and putting off the harness we took a taxi to a restaurant called Castaway. That is the name of our dinghy so we had to go there. It was good and located on a beautiful beach near Jolly Harbor.
If you ever go to Antigua make sure you visit the zip line place. Its so cool. The coolest thing I have done this whole entire trip. And I’ve done a lot of cool things. Over and out!

Check out the action on the screamer!