Move, move, move…. It feels like we have been on the move since leaving Virgin Gorda on December 7th. But now we sit in Anitgua and are planning on exploring the island for awhile with only short hops on the horizon as we prepare for Christmas. We did have plans to explore Barbuda, but with strong trade winds forecast for next week we decided to lay low around Antigua and wait for the breeze settles down.

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Nemetona and the Armitage crew left a day before us from Montserrat headed further down Island to Dominica. We decided to spend another night further down the coast where we heard the anchorage would have less of a swell. So we hauled up anchor ad headed down to Old Road Bay. Well the swell kept as rocking and rolling all night, but we had the place to ourselves and it was impressive to see aftermath of the eruptions so close from the water front.

From Montserrat we sailed up to Antigua. Unfortunately another rough upwind sail, but it was only 30 miles so it wasn’t too bad. We didn’t get much sleep with the swell action, so we had an early start leaving around 7 which got us to English Harbor in Antigua early afternoon.

What a change of scenery! Instead of being isolated in nice quiet anchorages, we were surrounded by HUGE yachts. But we were able to find a nice quiet spot to anchor next to a beach so we were happy there for 2 nights and slept great. Mira and Peter took the dinghy in on a solo mission the first morning to get some pastries for breakfast, and they were triumphant delivering tasty treats. They were so excited for their solo adventure that we decided to get them pizza for dinner and let them hang out on the boat watching a movie while Liz and I went out for a nice dinner – a long deserved quiet dinner!

More friends! We met up with Peter and Meredith Collins, and their two sons Owen (10) and Sean (9) and the kids immediately hit it off. The Collins have been sailing in the area since October and where finishing up their adventure today (Saturday 12/19) and flying back home. Luckily we were able to connect via email and agreed to meet up on the West Coast of Antigua in Deep Bay. We had a nice welcome as they swam over, and then all four kids spent the next two days playing soccer on the beach, swimming, and power surfing (getting towed behind the dinghy on a surfboard.) Power surfing was the big hit – thanks Pete! We had a potluck dinner aboard their chartered catamaran one night, and then after dinner story telling on Salmagal last night. We were sad to wave good bye this morning as they hauled up anchor in Hermitage Bay and headed to Jolly Harbor to return their boat and head home – a short time together, but we really hit off and look forward to cruising with them next summer!

Random assortment of pictures below