We are sitting on anchor in North Sound on Virgin Gorda right aloPreparing to jumpng Prickley Pear Island, near Saba rock.  You can see wherewe are if you click here and zoom in. Our current plan is to wait for a weather window and set sail for Saint Kitts. Saint Kitts is roughly 130 miles away, and that should be around 20 hours of sailing. Not too bad, but the trouble is that with the recent wind direction, it can be an upwind trip. So when we talk about our weather window, we are looking for a time when the wind direction and wind speed are favorable to make the trip.  The wind has been mostly E – ESE and we have been looking for a little bit of NE. So here we sit.


DSCF0872Fortunately, we are not the only ones here waiting. Our friends, the Armitage Family on Nematoma as well as some newer friends on Millport II – Donald, Sarah, Teddy (12) and Robert (9) are all looking for similar weather windows. We have been able to get into a routine with school work (and CBC work) for the first half of the day followed by afternoon adventures with our friends – beach visits, hikes, soccer on the beach. WIFI had been surprisingly difficult to find as it is still quiet season down here, but we take what we can find.

Our current plan is to set sail on Monday, but as we all know the weather is ever changing and difficult to nail down.  Mira and Peter are working on posts on some of our latest adventures, keep an eye out for them!

Change of Command

Change of Command

There have been a few issues along the way, but things are starting to really come together now. We have a routine, most things are working (sadly our stereo has gone on the fritz, but we do have a trusty bluetooth speaker keeping the tunes going.) We did come across the picture we forgot to post earlier – the changing of command of the mighty Salmagal! Before Peter and Sally left to head home, we held a little ceremony at Caneel Bay where we took the Annisquam Yacht Club Burgee off the pig stick and put on the New Bedford Yacht Club Burgee. Pretty cool to be flying the NBYC burgee from the top of the rig as we cruise around down here!


Here are a few more pics!