On NOVEMBER 30 I jump off the willey T. The willey T is this huge boat that is super tall. It is also a bar. My dad is on the dinghy taking a video of me and my friends, CALAN and SAM. Sam was the first person to jump and then mira then calan then me. After that we kept jumping and jumping. Then we stopped because we thought that we saw a sting ray 🙁 so we went to our parents for a soda. I got a ting.

Here is my first video attempt – Jumping!!! Hope it works

we went to the baths on Virgin Gorda. At the end of the trail we found a rock that we could jump of into the water. This is how I found it so I was playing tag and I ran up the rock and then Simon came up the rock because he was it!! Then I jump right of the rock into the water and yeld out that it was awesome and we should keep doing it and doing it and doing it.

Check out a video of us that our friend Liam Armitage made of our visit to the baths Click Here

It was 8:30 in the morning when my mom woke me up. Then we hopped  in the dingy and went to land. We went with Calan and Liam. On the walk to the trail was easy, but the real one was hard, not that hard but it was still kind of hard. The trail was called mens! The rocks were huge like boulders. There were big cactus. At the end of the trail we got to more trails that lead to a pool. So we went to the pool because we were so hot. Then we went back to the boat.


On December 4 2015 me and mira and our friends, Calan, Ted, and Robert swam to the beach of our boat. It was not a very far swim because we where only 40 feet away from the beach. When we got there we raced dowen the beach and then we sundenly we found this liftraft then we made sand balls then through them at the raft. Then we pulled Robert then me, Calan, Mira and Ted. Then we swam back to the boat.