On December 9th we went on a trip to the Brimstone Hill Fortress on St Kitts with our friend from Nemetona the Armitages. We had to take a long cab ride through town into the rain forest. During the cab ride we stopped and saw the fort from a distance. It sits on top of a huge hill, or to me it looked like a mountain! To get to the fort we had to drive up the mountain on windy roads and through really skinny gates in walls, I even touched the walls as we drove through. When we got to the top of the hill we got out and were so amazed by the view that I immediately turned on the gopro and started to record video. We could see all around for miles and miles, a good place for a Fort! We were lucky because we got to the fort at 9:00 when they opened and we were the only ones there, the cruise ship people had not yet arrived.

We started our tour with a video of the History of Brimstone Hill Fortress. The first cannons were mounted at the Fort in 1690 by the British in an effort to recapture Fort Charles below from the French. The British realized how great a spot the hill, or mountain, was for a fort so they immediatly began to build the fort. They used slaves from Africa to build the fort. The fort played a major role in the 1700’s in the struggle for control of the rich Caribbean sugar Islands. The fort was eventually abandoned in 1852.

The fort is huge and we explored all over.IMG_2935 Here is a picture of us climbing to the top of the fort, it was high! The Fort has turned into a museum where we learned all about the history and the life of the people who lived there. Check out all the pictures from our exploring the fort below. And we have some great video to post once we get it edited.

When it was time to leave, we climbed down from the Fort and were greeted by lots of people from the cruise ships! It was nice to explore the fort and have it all to ourselves. If you want to learn more about the fort, check out the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society