So I am not much of a blogger…I’d say I am sorry for not writing more, or sooner, but I’m not sorry.
The main goal of this trip was to spend some quality time as a family, before the kids grew up and didn’t want to leave their friends, or spend time with Andy and I! So instead of blogging, I am making memories, living in the moment, and enjoying my family. And…everyone else loves to write and use the go pro camera, so I feel like our adventure will be well documented.

Here are a few things that I feel are special. They aren’t as exciting as volcanoes and zip lines, but sometimes the small things are what count.

Our “delivery” from the Virgin Islands to St Kitts was rough. I was in charge of securing all things below deck. I packed everything tight, made food, laid out snacks, and gave everyone a dose of sea sick medicine, (every 8 hours). Thank god for the meds, it was rough, like a washing machine. Kids and Andy were excited, I couldn’t wait to get it over! But it actually turned out to be ok…Andy teases me that I always fall asleep in deliveries. But I held my watches, the best of which was the first. The boys went to bed around 7:30pm and Mira and I sailed together for three hours. Stars, wind, waves, spray, and girl time. It was great, until she fell asleep 20 minutes in to our watch. It was still great knowing that she was my partner and we were in charge of everyone’s saftey. Getting to St Kitts the next day in one piece was a very close second best. Especially as we had a double rainbow to greet us…and it was over!

Since IMG_3343 arriving in St Kitts, we have toured forts, volacanoes, snorkled, eaten well, played family games, had two date  nights (movie nights aboard for the kids), and loads of sailing and swimming.
Just the other night, we were loading in to the dinghy in Antigua and we finally had a clear view of the sunset.It’s usually pretty cloudy. We took down our ensign (flag,) blew the conch horn (a Bahamian tradition carried on by my Mom), and then sat for a minute to watch the finally unobstructed giant ball of sun set over the water…and then we saw it, all four of IMG_3342us…THE GREEN FLASH!! I have never seen it before, but there it was. More of a bend of bright green light than a flash, but none the less, we all saw our first green flash together and it was amazing. (It does exist)!

Now it is Christmas. Our third holiday season aboard Salmagal. We don’t have a tree. Just some lights, our stockings, and our silly elf on the shelf that keeps coming back. (He is very salty and may have thrown up on our sail to Nonsuch Bay the other day). It’s not much, but what we have realized, it’s all we need. Facetime helps too.
Ok, super cheesy, but it’s Christmas!

MissingIMG_3341 our family and our friends a lot today. Christmas caroling toniight in Annisquam will be replaced by the Antiguan National Junior Chorus as the Mill Reef Club. We know from the past two years that Santa likes rum and can land his sleigh on deck. It is so windy we had to move harbors just for him. Even our weather forecaster Chris Parker was worried about Santa in the Eastern Carribean, he said so in his email this morning.
Sending love to all of our friends and family, near and far.

We love hearing from you and hope you have a wonderful, peaceful holiday. Here’s to more adventures and fun in 2016!!