So here we are, three weeks in to our adventure…back at the marina. The head was temporarily fixed, but couldn’t handle the morning rush hour. Andy has decided to replace the entire system, pumps and hoses. It is a stinky, dirty job and I am happy that it falls into Andy’s job description. I keep myself busy with cleaning, provisioning and home school work.
Thank goodness we have had some fun along the way.

IMG_2720This week we went to Trellis Bay in Beef Island, (connected to Tortola). We celebrated the full moon with a wild beach party on Wednesday night. IMG_2761
Thursday we had a chill Thanksgiving with lunch and a beautiful swim at Guana Island, a snorkle at Scrub Island and back to Trellis for our dinner. I cooked butternut squash, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas and tiny, idividual turkeys (stuffed cornish game hens), on the grill. Kids were disappointed that I didn’t make gravy, but the red currant jelly was pretty good.

Friday was off to Norman to celebrate what we thought was the fixed toilet. We had quite the greeting as we sailed in to the harbor. First we were high fixed by our buddy Chris Hefferan aboard Leverage, who swung by on a skim board being towed behind a dinghy at high speed. Then we were greeted by Lana Armitage on her paddle board, who called out Salmagal to see if it was actually us. The Armitage family is from Portsmouth, RI and we were introduced online back in June. We had yet to meet in person. Mira and Peter jumped off the boat to play with Calen and Liam as soon as we were secured to the mooring. They were fast friends and have been inseperabel since. They are also at the marina so the kids are buy with soccer, swimming in the pool, and running around the marina that they “know so well”.

Headed back out today with the fixed toilet, a clean boat, and some provisions. Looking forward to more adventures and less time fixxing and cleaning. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be grateful this year!! xoxo