We are in Tortola, it begins… Well, me, Liz, and her father (papete) are in Tortola to get Salmagal launched while Mira and Peter are back in Dartmouth Grammy and Papa (Judy and Ted) finishing off another week of school before they head down on Sunday with Liz’s mom Sally (baba.)

nanny cay 2Salmagal has spent the last several months of hurricane season at the Nanny Cay marina out of the water. Our mission is to get her all ready to go ASAP so we can get on to some cruising. Salmagal has covered some major miles the last two year with Peter and Sally’s adventures around the Bahamas and then down to the BVI, so there is some solid work to do on the bottom and the systems of the boat before she is launched. We have a launch date and time for Friday AM so the crunch is on…

Today as we arrived at the boat yard for the first time was spent checking out SMG and touching base with the boatyard. From there we went straight into the “fun” boat work as Liz and Papete got the chrome ready for the canvas and Andy had the fun job of decreasing and scrubbing the bilge. Yesterday was a long travel day with a 2:30 AM departure and 6:30pm arrival, so we may not have been as productive as we hoped, but non the less we accomplished a lot.

More on the details on the boat tomorrow, but for now we are here, and it begins!