Hi my name is Peter HerlihyIMG_0655_2

I’m 8 (about to be 9), years old. My family is going on a long trip to the caribbean for 6 months. We are staying on a sailboat. I will tell you more about me. I am on 3 soccer teams and 1 sailing race team.



cropped-DSCF31213.jpgI’m staying on a sail boat named Salmagal. Salmagal is 42 feet long.where are we going

Salmagal is a Sabre 425. I sleep in the middel of the boat. My sister is named Mira. Mira sleeps in the aft cabin. I can not  wait for the light blue water to snorkel  and see all the fish and coral. When we are on our trip I might see a big water fall in a jungle on a island called Dominica. There is also a island with a volcano that erupted and the people  abandoned their homes a long time ago.