Mira driving wicked


Hi, my name is Mira. I am 10 years old and I play soccer and love sailing. I am so excited to tell you all the adventures in the Caribbean. This blog is not going to be just for the big trip, it will be for the rest of our adventures of sailing. Well I hope you enjoy our trip! This year I and my family will be taking 5 months to go down to the Caribbean. I and my brother peter will be homeschooling this year. I’m in 5th grade at DeMello School. My teacher is named Mr. Finn Clarke. The boats that were sailing in is named Salmagal. 


Dad driving wicked

This is my dad. His name is Andy. You can see his blog posts under Andy Herlihy. My dad sails team racing with my mom. He works at CBC, community boating center. It’s a place were kids from New Bedford learn/go sailing. Oh and by the way we live in Dartmouth. 


Super mom 

This is my mom. Her name is Liz. You can also see her blog posts under Liz Herlihy. She is a stay at home mom which means making us snacks and driving us to soccer practice. BEST MOM EVER. Make sure when you see you’re mom next give her a Big hug.



Peter driving wicked

Then there is my brother, peter. He does soccer and loves sailing like me. Peter is 8 years old and is in 3rd grade. he goes to DeMello school and his teacher’s name is Mrs. Gamache. Overall he is a pretty good brother.






well I need to go now, over and out!!